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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   00005011minorresolved (JEMM)2018-01-18Auto Generate Serial numbers in WO-I not working.
   0000494 minorresolved (JEMM)2017-09-19SR-D
   00004891minorresolved (JEMM)2017-09-15SO-P-B doesn't print Revisions
   00004901minorresolved (JEMM)2017-08-11RM-A. Entering notes on new RMA not printing on RMA
   00004881minorresolved (JEMM)2017-08-08MR-H unable to run
   00004821minorresolved (JEMM)2017-05-17SH-H showing Blank lines after WO# ranges entered.
   00004352minorresolved (JEMM)2017-03-23IN-L-S Rebuild Stock Status loads IN-D Print Re-Order Report
  00003851crashresolved (JEMM)2017-02-28SO-A, classic view
   00004681minorresolved (JEMM)2017-02-13WO-F
   00003932minorresolved (JEMM)2016-11-04SO-A, problem removing CSN note that was entered on new quote and converted to SO.
   00002115minorresolved (NovaZyg)2016-11-02BM-A Enter Bills of Material
   00001956crashresolved (NovaZyg)2016-11-02IN-A Inventory Inquiry Enhancement 11/25/11
   00004232majorresolved (JEMM)2016-10-13WO-I Not processing scrap back-flush and inventory correctly !!!!!!
  00004592majorresolved (JEMM)2016-10-13Enter Finished Production WO-I does not update bins correctly when scrap reported (5-20-16) - Note 5-18-16 version works correct
   00004626majorresolved (JEMM)2016-10-13Multiple problems with WO-I Enter finished production entry screen
   00003991minorresolved (JEMM)2014-07-16IN-A Classic view SR & RM are wrong (SR is Purchase Orders, RM is Receipts)
   00003912minorresolved (ISTech)2014-04-07SO-A does not check for exsisting PO
   00002295featureresolved (NovaZyg)2014-03-20Cannot hide SO related Hidden Notes
   00002832tweakresolved (JEMM)2014-03-20PO-A Allows you to open work orders when default is set to N
  00003871minorresolved (NovaZyg)2014-03-10AP-B editing a existing voucher not working properly
   00002071minorresolved (NovaZyg)2014-03-10CS-O transferred Commissions report filters do not work.
  00002022crashresolved (NovaZyg)2014-03-10Adding a new credit card in AR-C results in EVO locking up after charge has been run.
   00003791minorresolved (JEMM)2014-02-21AP-A notes button does not work.
   00003811minorresolved (JEMM)2014-02-21AP-A not saving website for Vendor.
   00002561minorresolved (NovaZyg)2013-11-04AR-B no reverse button
   00003632featureresolved (JEMM)2013-10-30MFG PN in Reference Field in BM
   00003481minorresolved (JEMM)2013-10-29Creating PN's in BM.A
   00003511minorresolved (JEMM)2013-10-29Save Settings on PO-B does not work
   00003671minorresolved (NovaZyg)2013-10-28SO-A adding a line afer entering a F&O part is not working.
   00003602minorresolved (JEMM)2013-10-18Saving PO.I.H settings
   00003621minorresolved (JEMM)2013-10-17SO-A duplicating specs when inserting a line
   00003332minorresolved (JEMM)2013-10-02BM.B Note Settings Duplicate
   00003561minorresolved (JEMM)2013-10-01WO-E only prints out the first sequence.
   00003551minorresolved (JEMM)2013-10-01PO-E Notes are not printing out on the form.
   00003251minorresolved (JEMM)2013-09-13Copy Notes when using "Copy BOM" fuction doesn't work
  00003491minorresolved (JEMM)2013-09-11SO-Q-A, changing base price is change the contract pricing for customers.
   00003441tweakresolved2013-08-20F10 to Print in new WO.L.A program
   00003371minorresolved (JEMM)2013-08-20SO-E negative release with Lot or Serial controlled items not functioning correctly.
   00003351minorresolved (NovaZyg)2013-07-12SO-A delete SO does not work.
   00003361minorresolved (NovaZyg)2013-07-12UT-H returns with an Error in EVO after looking up and choosing a layout.
   00003282minorresolved (JEMM)2013-07-12Sorting by Sequence for Labor Efficiency: Totals aren't correct
   00003312tweakresolved (JEMM)2013-07-12Save Settings option in SR.F (unposted only) doens't work
   00003274minorresolved (JEMM)2013-07-10IN.A Next Item arrow doesn't work
   00003322tweakresolved (JEMM)2013-07-10IN.C skips over "Act Unit Cost"
   00003302featureresolved (JEMM)2013-07-10WO.L.A save report as default
   00002351minorresolved (JEMM)2013-07-10Tax not calculated on shipping on Acknowledgment
   00003264minorresolved (ISTech)2013-07-09Item Links and Alerts - preview and link in alert doesn't work
   00003241majorresolved2013-07-05Evo BOM Notes not showing up
   00003182crashresolved (JEMM)2013-07-04IN-C crash on trying to change Location-
   00003191minorresolved (JEMM)2013-06-27CM-B-C not printing notes
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